Auto Plus Small Mic Holder

A rubber mic holder, also known as a microphone clip, is a device used to hold a microphone in place during use. It is typically made of rubber or other flexible materials that are soft and pliable enough to hold the microphone securely, without causing any damage or scratches to the microphone's body.

Rubber mic holders are commonly used in music and broadcasting industries to hold handheld microphones securely in place. They are designed to fit the specific size and shape of the microphone, and typically have a spring-loaded mechanism that allows the microphone to be easily inserted and removed from the holder.

In addition to providing a secure grip on the microphone, rubber mic holders can also help to reduce handling noise, which is the sound created by the movement of the microphone during use. This can help to improve the sound quality of recordings and broadcasts, making them more professional and polished.

Rubber mic holders are available in a range of sizes and styles to accommodate different types of microphones. They can be attached to microphone stands or boom arms, allowing for easy positioning and adjustment of the microphone during use.

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