SMC ZP2-B10MUN Vacuum Pad

A rubber vacuum pad, also known as a suction cup, is a device that uses vacuum pressure to attach and grip onto a surface. It is made of rubber or other flexible materials and typically has a concave shape that allows it to create a seal with the surface it is attached to.

Rubber vacuum pads are commonly used in industrial and commercial settings for material handling and lifting applications. They can be attached to robotic arms or other machinery to pick up and move objects of varying shapes and sizes. They are also used in packaging machinery to hold and stabilize products during the packaging process.

The vacuum pressure created by the rubber vacuum pad is typically generated by a vacuum pump or other source of negative pressure. When the pad is pressed against a surface, the air is forced out of the space between the pad and the surface, creating a vacuum seal that holds the pad in place. When the vacuum pressure is released, the pad can be easily removed from the surface.

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